Gaming Headset BLITZ
Price RM39.90
Size (L x W x H) 22 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm

Coming from a top-notch gaming company, this gaming headset is the hottest thing on the market. It's compatible with many devices and has volume control and a mute function, so you can even use it with a phone or tablet. The design is comfortable and lightweight so you'll be able to enjoy hours of playing without feeling any strain on your neck.



1 Model Name GH8 BLITZ
2 Model No. GH8-BLITZ
3 Mic. Diameter Ø4.0mm x 1.5mm
4 Sensitivity 6 x 5mm-56dB±2dB
5 Impedance 2.2K Ω
6 Length 14cm
7 Speaker diameter Ø40mm x 19 x 2.0
8 Impedance 32Ω±10%
9 Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20KHz
10 Sensitivity (S.P.L.) 108±3dB
11 Cable Length 2.0M±0.15M (Braided)
12 Working voltage DC5V±5%
13 Connectors 3.5mm audio cable
Included: 3.5mm audio jack Y cable
14 Compatibility PS4/Mobile/PC/etc.
15 Catalogue Download HERE

What's in the box


  • Compatible with gaming devices, PC, MP3, mobile phone, tablet, laptop & etc.
  • Volume control on cable & with Mute function.
  • MIC ON/OFF Switch: Easily Mute/Unmute your microphone function.
  • The noise-canceling microphone makes your words heard by your teammate clearly, leading to smooth in-game communication. From beginner to mediocre to top.
  • Remarkable sound quality to enhance your gaming experience. It can improve your ability to track sound from any direction.
  • Comfortable & lightweight headphone design.
  • Included: 3.5mm audio jack Y cable for mic and headset.
  • Adjustable Headband for different sizes of head.
  • Extra Bass: 40mm Driver Diameter provides Extra Bass & Top High-Quality Sound.