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You have been playing for 10 hours straight, but when you check the time it's only been 2 hours. The blue light from your mouse makes it hard to see in dark places. You find yourself misclicking this and that because you're so used to QWERTY. Your fingers are sweaty and slipping off the keys. You have a headache from sitting at a desk all day in your darkroom in your dark clothes.


You know that feeling when you're in the zone, totally absorbed in the game, can't move your mouse? This mouse will never let you down! The tactile feedback is stunning! The illuminated design is breathtaking! The rubber coating is perfect for controlling your game. Get your gaming on with this keyboard.


Hey gamers! Get the pad that's the best of both worlds. A headset that's high-performance yet still allows you to chat with ease. With a built-in 3.5mm audio jack and a scroll wheel for volume control, it's perfect for any kind of gaming experience. The comfortable headband and large earmuffs keep you from having to worry about discomfort when you're in the zone and it has a breathing LED.


Play to win! It's time to game like a pro with the ultimate gaming mouse. you can play your favorite games with just one hand. The rubberized finish is perfect for the gamer on the go who doesn't need to worry about sweaty palms. With its high-quality construction, this mouse is sure to last you through the sweatiest of matches.


The CYBER CAFE RECOMMENDED gaming mouse is the perfect companion for your PC gaming needs. It features a convenient mouse-scrolling system, RGB backlighting, and an ergonomic design. The RGB light system has 16.8 million colors to choose from, ensuring that you'll have the right color for any mood or occasion.


Gaming mouse are made for gamers who need the best equipment to play competitively. CYBER CAFE RECOMMENDED takes pride in their products and it shows with this product. They offer a variety of features, such as the DPI Switch button that lets you change the sensitivity of your mouse quickly. They also have a sniper button for gamers who like to play slower paced games. This product will keep you on top of your game.


Presenting the Gaming Freak Pro Carbon Throne Gaming Chair that is made to perfection for the executive feel and quality. With high quality PU material and premium stitching, this chair will glide you effortlessly like a spirit. Made with the best precision and materials.


Sitting for long periods at a time or playing video games for hours can lead to back pain. If you don't want to end up with chronic back pain or poor posture, use Healthy Back Rest Pillow for gaming chair. This comfortable, ergonomic pillow will provide support for your upper body and keep you from slouching.


The Gaming Chair COSMIC THRONE is equipped with an adjustable 4D armrest, a class 4 gas lift system (supports up to 150kg), an ergonomic bucket seat design, 165-degree backrest tilt, and a set of XL castors for mobility.

All that wrapped with High-Grade PU leather detailed with white accents to enhance the look of the chair.


A stylish and functional gaming keyboard, the RGB Gaming Keyboard is perfect for gamers of all levels. With 2 different switch options and up to 18 LED Mode Patterns, it will never get stale. Add to that the 50 Million Clicks Lifecycle and you're sure to dominate any game!


Introducing the smaller version of Cosmic Throne, the M Cosmic Throne.

The fully customizeable RGB window clamps will give you that extra striking vibes. The M COSMIC THRONE reclines from 90 to 135 degrees with locking, sometimes you need to take a break from sitting right?

Light up your game with M Cosmic Throne.



Sitting for long periods at a time or playing video games for hours can lead to neck pain. If you don't want to end up with chronic neck pain or poor posture, use Healthy Head Rest Pillow for gaming chair. This comfortable, ergonomic pillow will provide support for your upper body and keep you from slouching.


The WIZARD THRONE is the latest in ergonomic gaming chairs where style meets performance. Featuring a premium PU leather, high-grade gas lift (up to 150kg), and 2D armrest, the WIZARD THRONE is an optimal addition to any gamer's space.


Our gaming chair comfortably supports your back, neck, and head with an ergonomic design. It has 4D armrests to give you more control of your movements and a 150 degree backrest for ultimate comfort. We've also included a detachable headrest and lumbar support pillow to ensure that you're never uncomfortable.


The gaming mouse is a device for those who want to play games on the computer. It has a large number of keys and can be adjusted to various levels of sensitivity. The keyboard also has many other features to improve the game experience, including mute buttons, programmable hotkeys, and illuminated light design.


One of the best keyboards on the market! It's got everything you need to get things done--red switches, replaceable switches, ergonomic design, LED, etc. What are you waiting for?


The CHASSIS has a Mesh Front Panel and a Superb Airflow Design to provide a cool, silent, and noise free computer system. This case also has a Super Speed USB 3.0 port to take your data transfer speeds to the next level! Not only that, it features an Easy Installation, Cool Silence, and Good Performance.


This is the best cooling pad for your laptop. Find the right angle to meet your needs. Stay cool under pressure with dual USB ports, 4 fans, and an optimized metal mesh design. COOLER PAD X FLY is compatible with laptops of all sizes, up to 17 inches making it the most versatile cooling pad on the market. Don't risk your laptop's health.


Introducing the biggest gaming chair in the game, Royal Throne. Comes pack with High Quality PU Leather, 136cm maximum height suitable for talls. Rest your back with the 135 degree recline backrest. Include with Memory Foam headrest pillow and Lumbar. Also pack with adjustable 4D armrests for your own personal comfort!

With the new Multi-function Mechanism, you can adjust your height with ease and enable or disable the anti-rocking system in no time! Royal Throne also pack with the High Quality PU Caster Wheels with lock mechanism to make it easier for working or gaming!

Royal Throne is your new bestfriend.


Get the ultimate performance and comfort with our CYBER CAFE RECOMMENDED gaming mouse! It has 3 side buttons, 6 LED lights, 8 buttons, scroll wheel & DPI switch. Plus, it's ergonomic design is skin-friendly and cool looking!


The headset comes with a lot of amazing features that make it a top choice for gamers. It has a 7.1 virtual surround sound system, a RGB lighting effect system, and a magnificient sound system. It also has a comfortable design and gives you the opportunity to enjoy gaming the way it was meant to be.


This EVO X Speaker is an innovative, easy-to-use device that transforms your mobile device into a powerful Bluetooth speaker. Speaker comes in four vibrant colors (blue, green, red, purple) and has colorful breathing light to bring you both visual and aural enjoyment. Powered by USB and 3.5mm jack.


Customize your mousepad: We got the perfect mousepad for you. Let's be honest, we spend a lot of time on our computers and we deserve to be comfortable. From LED colors to custom designs, our high quality mousepads are perfect for any gamer or PC enthusiast. With a high-quality rubber base and easy USB play design, it's no wonder why these mousepads have been so popular!


Your gaming performance is important. That’s why you need the best gaming keyboard. With the new GT-XX1, you can game with confidence knowing that even if your keyboard fails, you won’t lose any of your hard-earned progress.


Introducing our luxurious-sports gaming chair, FIGHTER THRONE!

The FIGHTER THRONE is packed with a high quality PU leather and carbon fibre texture to give that extra luxury look.

Ergonomic Bucket seat design will provide you the best comfort for a long gaming sessions! Include with the 130 degree recliner to rest your back.

Feel luxurious with the FIGHTER THRONE.



  • Desk top carbon design.
  • Cable management.
  • Removeable desk top mat.
  • Cool side sticker design.
  • Convenient cup holder.
  • Measurement 600mm x 1400mm x 750mm

The gaming chassis is a peerless, high-end gaming solution with an advanced feature set and all the right connections. It features a brushed metal design with a hinged, tempered glass door and front panel air ventilation for optimum heat management. 


The perfect choice for gamers, the ABKO CH60 gaming headset has been designed to ensure maximum comfort and a high level of sound quality. This headphones will faithfully deliver crisp, clear sound. The headband is made from soft leather while the ear pads are made of velvet-like material to provide a comfortable fit around



  • Desk top carbon design.
  • Cable management.
  • Removeable desk top mat.
  • Cool side sticker design.
  • Convenient cup holder.

The Am-2g is a wireless gaming mouse. It's designed to be used with any computer and operating system. Plug it in, and you're ready to go!