Xtra Large Gaming Mousepad
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Size (L x W x H) 0.4 cm x 40 cm x 32 cm
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When you want to step up your game, this gaming mousepad is your best bet. The speed version provides a fabric surface that generates less friction between the pad and the mouse, while still offering high resistance. With a rubber base that is non-slip and 4mm thick, it will provide you with comfort during use.

Model: Wild Evolution Mouse Pad

 Dimension: 400mm x 320mm

Thickness 4mm

What's in the box

Features & specifications:
• Speed version: the fabric surface is designed to generate less friction between the mousepad and the mouse.
• 4mm thickness: with high resistance 4mm thick rubber foam base, it will offer you comfort during use.
• Rubber base:non-slip rubber base gives you the best grip and comfort to move.
•  Less Surface, Less Friction (Feel the difference)